As specialist appointments come and go my diagnoses gets more complex with each specialist I see.

After seeing the pain doctor twice, him ordering an MRI on my spine, and writing me a $122 prescription for pain killers, which have had ZERO effect besides the first two days when they made me “loopy”, I saw him again yesterday to go over my MRI and was expecting to get an epidural like injection in my spine to take away the pain.  As we talked the Doctor said that although the MRI showed the discs in my lower spine we really close together, there was no sign of  nerves being pinched.  Apparently this news is unfortunate because it most likely rules out sciatica (which is an “easy fix”).  He did opt against giving me an injection in my spine (thank God) until I see the spine specialist (which is next Wed).  He wants the spine doc to completely rule out sciatica before he will diagnose me with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS):

So if the spine surgeon rules out sciatica the pain doctor will book me an appointment in X-Ray for a Lumbar Sympathetic Block :
CPRS, according to the doctor, is more difficult to fix, if at all.  There is no guarantee that the Lumbar Block will work or not.  And the pain I’m experiencing “could” be lifelong.
I am grateful, however, that I am at least getting answers.  The surgeon, pain specialist, and I assume spine specialist have acted quickly and have answers about what my pain could be cause from.  Unlike my physiotherapy place, these doctors are listening to me and working with me, quickly I might add, to solve the issues I am having.  So the answers may not be what I would like to hear, they are answers and it gives me somewhere to go.
It looks like I will be having the Lumbar Block before the year is out.  It’s a little different than the original epidural like injection I was going to get.  It is injected beside my spine as opposed to into my spine.  This option is easier to get my brain around but it still freaks me out.  And the day I get this Block you bet I will be taking an ativan before.
So that is the updated news.  Again I warn against slipping and falling and having knee surgery to everyone I know.
Until next Wednesday when I see the Spine Surgeon…….
…… sure isn’t dull lately.

The Knee Saga Continues

Last week I went to see my surgeon.  He was concerned that my knee seems to be deteriorating and with the amount of pain I have with just a slight touch to my leg, he figured something else was going on.  So he sent me for an MRI for my knee and to a pain clinic doctor (he’s an anesthesiologist) cause he is also very concerned about nerve damage.

Met the Pain Doctor today.  I really like him.  He spent a good 45 minutes with us.  After the questions came the physical test….was not looking forward to it.  But he was gentle.  He pulled my leg up as far as it would and asked for pain.  Bend my knees,  push with my feet.  But this test really freaked me out.  I pulled up my sweats and he rubbed my left calf and the the right calf.   Asked me if I felt it, yes.  Then he asked me if they felt the same.  He did the test again and he wanted to know if it felt the same.  No it didn’t.  It felt much lighter than the right calf.  That freaked me out.  Then he sits down for the diagnosis.  He believes it is my sciatica nerve and that a disc in my back has slipped and the nerve is being pinched.  So he ordered and MRI as well for my spine.  He was clear that it could be this, but before we say its RSD we have to check this.  If it is my sciatica nerve that is pinched there are treatments.  Injections in my spine or surgery on my spine. I wanted to puke when he said this.  He told me not to freak out because the MRI could come back good, then we will go to other tests.  So I’m not stressing over it but it definitely is in the back of my head.

Had both the MRI’s tonight.  So I will get results back in a week or so.

The pain doctor did prescribe me a nerve drug to help take away the pain.  I’ve taken one so far and my leg is numb and feels like it’s not there and my head is dopey, very dopey.

Pharmacist warned me if you take a drink on this medication, you’ll be an easy drunk……lol

Then Dean said I already was……hardy har har

Tomorrow I go get an assessment from my previous physio place, that should be interesting to say the least. It’s hard to explain things to people when they don’t feel the need to listen to you.  But that’s tomorrow’s story.

I’m off the take a magical dopey, numb drug…….



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It’s been a while

It has come to my attention that I have been neglecting my blog the past couple of months.  Saying “I have no time” would be an understatement.  Finally after having a few good nights sleep my brain is able to form sentences.

The past 2 months have been, well, hectic.  Between my daily physiotherapy, doing renovations (fixing, painting, more fixing, garage sales, used regina, cleaning out my grandmother’s house, more painting, and more fixing) on our new house, renovations (cleaning, painting, fixing, garage sales, used regina) on the condo, Weight Watchers, getting ready to go to Las Vegas, getting sick and being in hospital for 2 days, and moving from the condo to the house, let’s just say at the end of the day I didn’t feel like touching my computer.

My brother came down from Halifax to help with the renovations (thanks peasweet!!!!) and it was great to have the help.  We had a family fun poker game, for a $2 buy-in, and yup I was the winner!   It was good to see him (and take his money).

The move went super smooth!  We were fortunate to be able to start moving in earlier and started moving and unpacking boxes about 2 weeks before the actual movers came.  It was nice because the Monday morning they came to move our furniture the rest of the house was already unpacked and put in place (dishes, clothes, linens, cleaning supplies etc) so by 1pm on Monday everything was done and set up like a house.  Definitely the smoothest move I have ever done.

Physiotherapy well it is what it is.  I go there Mon to Fri, put in my 4 hours and leave.  I am seeing some results, like I am able to do a half squat now and I can walk faster on the treadmill.  Still am not able to climb stairs or walk up inclines or down declines that we have no matter where we walk.  We figured out that I walk approximately 3 miles at work per day and right now I am just under 2 miles.  Because I have been increasing my walking I am paying for it at night.  Some nights I get as little as 2-3 hours per night and this catches up to me.  I will be going back to work on October 17th (after Vegas).  And I’m not so sure about that, but I will go and work “their” plan, but I can’t see it lasting long.

The cleaning, fixing, and painting seemed to take forever as we were in the “I wanna move now” stage.  But we had lots of help from family and friends so a huge thank you to them..

Weight Watcher’s is still going great!  Execpt for the week that pizza and taco time was on the menu for lunch and supper.  But the total right now is 31.8lbs lost.  19 lbs till goal.  Me and mom went out shopping yesterday and I got to buy myself some treats.  Clothes rewards.  2 sizes smaller than before.  All paid for by my Reitmans Gifts Cards from x-mas, plus $10 from mom.  That was awesome.  And a great reward.

And finally I got sick and ended up in the hospital.  What started as vertigo ended up being that combined with my famous mysterious illness, intense stomach pain, with blood pressure as low as 79/53 YIKES!  But I was drugged with morphine and filled with IV fluid and sent on my way the next day.  Got some morphine to take home, spent a week sleeping on the couch, dizzy as hell, and then one day, a week later, I woke up and was fine.

So that has been my past 2 months.  Now things are settled and brain is working I will be more diligent in my efforts to blog.



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Best Day Ever….

Haven’t blogged in a while, but to catch you up I decided to write about my “Best Day Ever” as it is pretty much how the past few weeks have gone.


Been dizzy for 5 days now.

Went to doctor today….diagnoses:  Vertigo or Lithium Toxicity

Doctor told me to go to family doctor to get blood work.

Takes a week to get into see my doctor so I went to the clinic to see if by chance he was working the walk-in clinic after.

Found out my family doctor has retired?!?!?!?!?!?

Good for him!  Bad for me!

He was the best doctor……

Gramma’s doctor was doing the walk-in clinic so I went to see him.

He did a wonderful test which consisted of vigorously turning my head back and forth…..yes that increases the dizziness.

He asked what the other doc prescribed me…..Serq

What dose?


That’s not enough, we will up the dose and add Stemetil to it because it will take it away quicker and it should kill the infection so I won’t have to deal with it again hopefully.


The one drug I’m severely allergic to…..Stemetil


Got home and stepped in a hairball.

I’m going to bed.


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Weight Watchers Week 19 and 20

Week 19

Loss of 2 lbs.

Total 21.2 lbs

Got my 10% this week finally!  Got a keychain for losing 10% and a 16 week charm to go on the keychain for being in the program for more than 16 weeks!


Week 20

Loss of 5.6lbs

Total 26.8lbs


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Tertiary Physio

I started my new physio program on Thursday this week.

Thursday was just and intake day so there wasn’t alot of exercise.  I did however find out that I am not in a secondary program, but a tertiary program.  What does that mean?  It means that instead of 5 4hour days, it will be 5 4-6 hour days…  It also means more intensive therapy.

Today I went for 4 hours for my first exercise day.  It started with a quick warm up bike ride followed by long intense stretching.  I rode the bike for 8 minutes and the rest of the hour was stretching.  This hour was good and the stretches felt really good on my legs.

After this I got to meet with the Psychologist.  This was a 20 minute session of me trying to explain to him that yes I have depression, no my knee trauma isn’t affecting my depression.  Are you sure?  Yes I’m sure.  Apparently the Psychologist I saw when I had my assessment reported that “I have an intense fear of surgery which is clouding my judgement on my knee recovery”…..umm what?  I said no such thing.  I remember saying that I didn’t want to have another surgery and that I wasn’t looking forward to the fact that I might have to, but and intense fear clouding my judgement, pfft.  After the 20 minutes was finally over needless to say I was glad to get out of there.  I am sooooo looking forward to meeting with him every 2 weeks…….

Then it was on to exercise therapy.  We went through all the exercises that they had planned for me.  It was tricky and alot different than my previous physio place.  I did about 15 different exercises which took another hour to complete.  Some were on the machines and some where just done laying/sitting on the bed.  A quick lunch break and onto the hard part.  She was good, very encouraging, a little chatty for my liking, but overall I liked her.

Functional Therapy is what they call it.  The plan is developed by an exercise therapist who specializes in work related exercises.  I worked with him for nearly an hour and a half.  These exercises ranged from walking around the room carrying a tray, lifting, carry, squatting, reaching forward, bending, and more walking.  He designed all different types of exercises to fit around what I would typically do in a shift at work.  This part was by far the hardest part, the longest too.  It worked me hard and my knee was killing me afterwards.  He was really supportive and I really enjoyed working with him.

For the last 20 minutes I got a physio treatment.  Laser therapy.  That was a new experience.  It’s a big laser pad that goes over my knee, I put on sunglasses and sit there for 20 minutes.  Right now, as I write this, I don’t notice any change in knee pain from the laser and found myself wanting acupuncture.  But I will give it try a couple more times and give it a chance to work.  There is nothing wrong with my new physio lady, but I miss Natasha the one I had for nearly 6 months.  It’s not that I don’t like her I just liked Natasha better.

I have booklet of all my exercises I need to complete and check them off as I go.  This booklet is 4 pages (small writing) long double sided of all the exercises.  When I first looked at it I was defeated.  But as I got going it wasn’t so bad overall, although I should point out they told me that currently I am only doing about 1/4 of the exercises in the booklet until I build some strength.  So 1/4 of the booklet took me 4 hours to complete.  I can certainly see how I will need to be there for 6 hours once I get all of them.

After I was done, boy was I pooped!  Came home and passed out for 3 hours.  And now, wow am I sore.  It hurts to move, roll over, walk, everything.  But I am glad I am finally there and can work really hard to get things going again.  I think it will be good, I enjoyed today, everyone there is nice and friendly and we are all in the same spot.  Even my trainers have both had knee surgery so that helps with them knowing what is going on and the struggles involved.

10 weeks to go…….


Weight Watcher’s Week 18

Loss of 1.2 lbs

Total Weight Loss 19 lbs

I’m hanging in there.  This week was a good week, I really focused on what and how much I ate.

Staying over the 20lb mark is seemingly impossible to do…..but I’m staying positive and I know I will get there.

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